DIY: Christmas glitter ornament

 photo _DSC0089_1.jpgChances are, you’ve been on Pinterest right? Right. There have been epic Mommy craft wars because of that website. Any craft addict (*cough* Me. *cough*) will tell you, that website is the devil. The beautiful devil with such wonderful ideas, and recipes, and cocktails. It makes you want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS! COOK ALL THE THINGS! DRINK ALL THE THINGS! Oh wait chances are by the end of the day dealing with two tiny humans under the age of two you’re going to want to drink all the things some days like that regardless…

But I was on YouTube, Pinterest’s evil twin, and was watching Corrine Vs. Pin where she actually goes through how to’s on various Pinterest pins. Fair enough, some one has to have the balls to do it. You go Corrine!

Well she did a Christmas video where she, and her husband did several pins, and the glitter ball was one of them. I HAD to do this. #everythingsbetterwithglitter am I right?

Well I live in a fairly small town, (Census of 2013 tells us that my town has 1300 people living in it.) so I have to travel 32 miles to the larger city, and even there I could not find the Pine Sol Floor Polish. Am I looking in the wrong isle? I mean it SHOULD be in with the mops and mop stuffs right? Maybe I just didn’t see it while trying to wrangle two children, a budget, and a Mother who’s been running errand’s with me while DJ’s OTR.

So I was looking on various Cricut groups for free SVG’s and How To’s (again with the How To’s! I get bored easily) and low and behold I found someone had used watered down Mod Podge! Well I dug through my craft hoard, I mean supply and no Mod Podge paste, but I DO have Mod Podge Spray. Same thing right? So I tried it and it worked amazingly well. Even several days later it worked. And they look pretty darn good.  photo _DSC0087.jpg

So with out further ado here’s what you’ll need:

A plastic ornament from Wal-mart or the like

Mod Podge Spray or watered down Mod Podge

Glitter both Chunk and fine

Paper (cardstock to do everything over)

Step 1: Take the metal stop part of the ornament off. This should come apart very easily by gently pushing the circle part of the opening together and pulling. Set this aside. Now take your Mod Podge spray, Glitter, Plastic ornament and card stock and set it out.

Step 2: OPEN A WINDOW I don’t care how cold it is outside, unless you want to get high, and have a head ache you’ll want a well ventilated area.

Step 3: Spray the Mod Podge into the ornament until there’s a good puddle and swirl around the ornament, tip upside down onto the card stock to let drain for about a minute or two. Longer won’t hurt as this stuff takes a few days to dry. Poor the glitter in. The chunkier glitter did work best, but I mixed them together as well for a varied obre look and that went over well. Cover the top opening with your hand and shake. Hard. Make sure every inch is covered and tip the remaining glitter, if any out onto the paper. Put the metal cap back on and you’re done.

If you have a Cricut or other cutting machines you can get a free SVG and make these:
 photo _DSC0090_1.jpg
 photo _DSC0085.jpg
 photo _DSC0084.jpg

Which are the same steps above, just adding the extra steps of cutting the SVG out of the M&M face and gluing it onto the ball. And there you have it! Easy DIY non breakable Christmas ornament. Trust me my 18 month old got ahold of one right off the tree and bounced it across the floor and it did not break. I was pretty impressed.

And they were a lot of fun to make. I’ll be honest I’ve had one speed lately and that’s DO ALL THE THINGS! Since DJ’s been gone. I’ve been working on getting the house cleaned up and getting the house organized from the move that never happened because of me going into the hospital, and since I don’t want him to come back to a filthy house and a depressed me, I’ve been keeping myself very, very busy with things around the house. So far so good.




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