Christmas has come and gone

While I am happy that all the Christmas stuff is taken down and put away until next year, I am sad because this morning DJ left at 5 AM for work. The first night he’s away is always the hardest and I can’t seem to fall asleep for crap.

But Christmas was wonderful. We had an extremely hard year and are just now playing catch up with our fiances because of my health issues and him being laid off. We’ve both talked about it and we’re thinking that the company he’s running with now the perks are just too good to pass up with him being home every weekend and a guaranteed amount of money, things really are looking up.

Thanks to this wonderful little town we were able to get some seriously awesome gifts for our boys. The landlord hosts a toy party every year and collects children’s names and ages for families in need and we got a good sized bag from that party as well as three garbage bags full of toys from toys for tots. My heart was so full that the entire community pulled together to help out the family that moved in and their entire world went upside down.

I love this house. I love everything about this house. I loved decorating it, and most importantly I love the people living here inside it. I miss DJ when he’s away, I do. But in the end I know that we need to pay bills, save for a wedding and make sure we have a nest egg, emergency fund etc.

DJ with this pay check is ordering me my Christmas presents and all of them are planner related. *swoon* I’m ordering vinyl and a heat press to start to make shirts, mugs etc. So far I am loving my life.


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