To import or not to import….

I was digging around my external hard drive getting rid of all my ‘free’ printables for the 2015 calendar year for my planner addiction. (Seriously they may be a free download but the Pretty Pretty Planner literally cost me $60 in printer ink and paper because it kept screwing up. I’m taking that bitch to staples next time.)

Well I was searching “2015” and I found my export of’s database from WordPress which means that’s database is also there. THREE YEARS worth of posts. My son’s birth story… memories that I want to keep.

And some I don’t. Some I don’t want to remember, posts about my alleged step son’s behavioral issues, his assault on my son, him calling me a F*ing B*tch, dealing with his psychopathic lying mother…

I could important and go through and delete those posts, but that would be time consuming. Or I could import them and immediately archive them right?

I dunno. I’ve been struggling with this for a few days. I mean three years is a lot of work, a lot of memories, a lot of stuff to just store on a hard drive collecting dust. I mean I know that this is a free blog and that one day when we are more financially sound I will get my domain back again and I will get back in the swing of things- I mean I already am. I’ve collected a few vendors that’s apart of my gift guides. I’m planning pitches to various cruelty free companies, and even have a blog planner in an arc mini (8×5) that I keep at my desk. I’m also getting a desk put upstairs so that way I can work while the children are sleeping at night. Which will be awesome.

There’s a lot that I decided I want for the year 2016. Planning my wedding for one, and for two.. just being happy and healing with the memories of surgeries up surgeries and medical emergencies.

I’m also doing the #resetgirlslistersgottalistchallenge and that’s been incredibly amazing. Getting back into crafts in general has been one of the best things for my mental health and healing. I just wish I could get rid of this writer’s block for fictional writing.

I used to write fanfiction and had a pretty good fan base. But its Chapter 13 and I just can’t continue with the story I mean, its been several years since I’ve even tried to read the story let alone type it up. I may have to fix that at some point.

My Simple Stories, Carpe Diem planner is finally all set up. It took forever to get the final order from the etsy shop. It was sent to the wrong post office over an hour away and then it was lost for like two days in the mail, but it finally came over three days late, but I love every bit of it. I won’t be ordering from that etsy seller again but instead the Reset Girl team, but I love the Simple stories line. YAY!


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