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365 Blog Challenge… So far so good.

Geek Powered So I blogged yesterday in the midst of child wrangling and doing house work (read:Dishes.) and making sure that things were taken out for dinner so I didn’t actually get a chance to link the blog post. I’ll do that after this post.
My goal is to do several gift guides this year, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, and of course next Christmas. I have one product on its way here that I and DJ are reviewing as a team which is super exciting. I’m also going to be adding the Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planner to the gift guide as well because even thought I purchased it 100% out of pocket I absolutely love this product and the rumors are that there is a new line coming this year.
All in all things are pretty quiet around here. Between not feeling well and just all around child shenanigans nothing really of report is going on.
I did go to Target and over spent just a tad so I’m going to have to wait on the planner society kits that I wanted for my birthday. Which is fine because bills do come first. That’s my big goal this year is to pay bills first before play and to set up a savings account. I really want to get a good amount going for my surgery this coming summer and for our wedding next year.

I’ve been working really hard to declutter and purdge what we do not use and what we do not need around here as well, and while its going fine, its also hard to do this with out DJ being here to make sure I’m not getting rid of something that he may want or need.

Such is life.