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The Process of Product Reviews (Nothing is Free.)

I have been doing product reviews for years. And this is a very long and complicated process. I got an email reply to a pitch that kinda irked me because PEOPLE DON’T KNOW that this is my full time job. That when I get a product that’s my payment. I don’t work for free. So I hope this helps you to understand, all of you that when you’re going through the process of getting products for review you’re actually working.

First off you have to build up your content and have the numbers. The google gods are real. Once you work your blog and brand up by posting daily or at least three times a week, getting a social media fan base then you can start to pitch.

So you pick the company you want to work with you and you email with with a message stating that you want to work with them to review their product and in exchange for getting their product you get give an honest review. This means using the product, taking photos and then writing up a detailed honest review for your blog. In the mean time you also have to advertise said blog post on:
Facebook Fan Page for your blog
Blogger groups that you may or may not be apart of that will allow you to advertise your blog posts.
Instagram with the photo of the product
Often times you’ll have to do an entire YouTube video on the product itself.
Now that periscope is a big thing you’ll have to do that as well.
And on top of all of this depending on the product you may or may not have to do extra write ups for gift guides, more videos more pictures, more advertisements. Plus all of the links above should be broadcast no less than once a day every day. If you’re doing a giveaway then that triples. Then there’s the side bar links or images, and the research on the product itself on how other people use it, what other people thought of it, the good the bad and the ugly and why this product worked or didn’t work for you despite of what everyone else said.
Also you’ve also got the review process on Amazon.com if that’s part of the deal or Etsy.

Now. Let’s go over the anatomy of the blog post itself because everything above is advertising the actual post.
First there’s the picture. And it better be a good picture. No cellphone pictures allowed guys. If you can’t afford a good DSLR camera at least get a good point and shoot and at the very least GIMP or edit your photos on an online website such as PicMonkey. Also you should water mark every single one of your photos so that way someone else doesn’t take them. Photo taking can take upwards of an 1-5 hours at least because your’re going to want to get the product packaging, the product, the product with the packaging (so the brand name shows.) then you using the product. This also includes the editing time.
So now you’re inserting the images into Flickr or your photo hosting site of choice and placing that link into the blog, then you’re writing the blog post. This is the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How much? Where did the product come from, how much it costs, a disclosure that you did get this product IN EXCHANGE for your honest review. IF the company OK’s a giveaway then you add that to the END of the product review. Every single question you could possibly think of will have to be answered.
Then you edit it, take notes, edit again, search the product’s other reviews as stated above and pick one or two key statements or very low 1-3 star reviews and dispute them if the product did prove amazing, and working. If you have problems with shipping which I did just have a problem with one of the products for my gift guide you have to include that, any customer service exchange you have to include that.
So my pretties, nothing is free. We may be getting products but we are also doing a lot of work for the companies we are working for. Even Influenster boxes have To-Do lists that you have to do. Its part of the job. And influenster.com isn’t even as detailed as a blogger’s product reviews. So if you’re going to say to a blogger that “Yes we’d love to work with you, but we aren’t willing to send you the product.” Be prepared to pay. Some bloggers have package deals. Others by the hour. Plus compensation for the monies spent on the product to begin with that you the company could have just sent for the said work written in this blog post.
Until next time my darlings!
~ GeekyMamaPlans